Women Empowerment

Many of the local women are unemployed and uneducated, which hinder them from paying the school fees for their children and meeting other basic necessities in their homes, where some men have even neglected their obligations to care of their children. To bridge this gap, UBC through Beads of Empowerment project directed an empowerment program to train women to develop hand skills that can provide an alternative income generation amidst the various activities they do.

We have led women into groups and trained them in making hand crafts. Among the crafts women make include, necklaces, ear rings, bags and others made from wasted recycled materials.


  • Generate income and/or add into the current income for women participating in this program
  • Indirectly improve income for other sectors as these women are now able to buy their daily needs.
  • Children are able to go to schools and receive education allowing them to increase their capability and skills therefore it would reduce the poverty rate in the future