UBC Propose to Buy Land for Expansion

The Uganda Buddhist Centre is proposing to buy a piece of land which is 30 meters away from the temple. The land is proposed for development purpose. We plan to erect temporary structures for Uganda Buddhist Centre Peace School. Surveys and demarcation have been made. It is 15 decimals costing an amount of 11,000 USD.

We invite anyone to participate and contribute to the acquisition of this yet to be noble land where we plan several wonderful projects. With your gracious effort and devotion, may we all join together to contribute towards the Buddhist dispensation in Uganda, Africa.

If you would like to make a donation towards this project, please write to us via info@ugandabuddhistcentre.com / ugandabuddhistcentre@gmail.com


The purple-shaded area is the land UBC proposes to buy. While the rectangular area with scattered tree is the Uganda Buddhist Centre.