Stupa Construction

Dear Friends!

We are glad to inform you that we are in the final stages of having the first Stupa at the Uganda Buddhist Centre. The construction work is expected to begin in a week’s time.

In Buddhism, a Stupa is a very significant symbol of the infinite potential of the minds of sentient beings to cultivate merits and generate immense benefits for their liberation. A Stupa is also an embodiment of limitless wisdom, compassion and enlightenment.

This very first beautiful Stupa will be constructed on a small stretch of land in front of the Sima building adjacent to the temple.  Due to the limited space we have, the Stupa will cover an area of 10 square meters. Once it is completed, the Stupa will stand as the first and only Stupa in Uganda.

Ven. Adicca, a Burmese resident monk who has since stayed at the Uganda Buddhist Centre for the last two years is the pioneer of this great project and has inspired many such as the Family of Dr. Khaing Soe and Daw Zin Min Soe who have undertaken the project of constructing the first ever Stupa at UBC at an estimated cost of USD 3,000.  On behalf of Uganda Buddhist Centre, I would like to send my deepest thanks for their generous donation.