Peace School

Peace School Children.

The Peace School  began on Sunday, November 30, 2008 with four students. Their ages were from five to eleven years old. Bhante Buddharakkhita began with a Dhamma story that relates to real life experiences. Then, Ugandan and visiting volunteers expounded upon this teaching. The teachers and children were keen to share their own experiences in taking that which has not been given.

The number of children attending Peace School has already more than doubled. The School had a membership of fifteen or more students. The teachers are both international and local volunteers, including a local teacher, who translates from English into Luganda. The first batch of kids were offered scholarship funds for the annual school fees. Donations of blackboard were generously offered by local Sri Lankan Buddhists. Other people offered exercise books to the kids for the whole term.

Our goals:

  • To provide education in moral and ethical conduct so that children can become excellent citizens.
  • To teach English to children so that they can improve on their communication skills.
  • To provide direct financial support to poor children and orphans whose parents or relatives cannot afford school fees.
  • To provide mindfulness and awareness education in order to contribute to individual peace, society and environment at large.

Our Peace School had a humble start. Currently, we have NO permanent structure for classrooms, we are making use of the available small space of our library at the Uganda Buddhist Centre Temple and sometimes in a tent, or open space.

Ideology of the Peace School:

Our main focus is to train the children to live in peace with themselves through non-harming and training the mind. We believe that the kids are our future generation and nurturing their way of life will foster peace in their family, society and world. They can enjoy greater happiness and freedom. Likewise, the kids can share in the same freedom.

H.R.H attending to children of the Peace School
H.R.H attending to children of the Peace School