Volunteer with Us

voluteers make vital contributions to every activity of the Uganda Buddhist Centre. All our Board and Staff members serve as volunteers and others too. Volunteers devote countless hours and personal energy to reviewing and attending to our Dhamma programs.

As you prepare to join us, we would like to advise you on a few things. Please, kindly take your time to read carefully, as it carries information about your stay with us.

In Uganda currently, the weather is very uncertain and changing, with too much rain. We do recommend that when you arrive, ensure that you sleep in mosquito net. You may also carry your mosquito repellents.


Basic skills and qualifications

  • Must be 18 years and above
  • Willingness to volunteer for a minimum of two weeks
  • Desire to support and work collaboratively with our existing volunteer team
  • Self-driven, flexible, patient, respectful and non-judgmental with a strong cultural awareness
  • Able to live in a rustic environment with shared bathrooms, squat toilets, and slow internet.
  • Deep passion for women’s empowerment programs and working with children
  • Experienced working in low resourced areas or cross cultural experience
  • Ability to contribute towards your living expenses such as food.

What We Provide

  • Single accommodation rooms
  • Wireless internet at our office
  • Weekly meetings with the Project Coordinator
  • An opportunity to connect to a community of volunteers, board members and the local villages
  • Meditation experience

What We Do Not Provide

  • Flight or travel costs
  • In country transportation costs (including airport transfers)
  • Extra drinks (soft drinks, alcohol, etc)
  • Ugandan Tourist Visa
  • Travel, medical insurance


Your fees will be spent to ensure that you have a pleasant stay at UBC and covers the cost of hosting you at UBC.  Volunteer is required to pay $30 per week to cover breakfast and lunch, but not dinner.

How to Apply

Please send your application forms to ugandabuddhistcentre@gmail.com  with a copy to info@ugandabuddhistcentre.com


Srijuth demostrating refraction to students
Srijuth demostrating refraction to students
Srijuth Teaching Children
Srijuth Teaching Children