Bhante Buddharakkhita Visiting Jamaica

If you are in Jamaica or around the Caribbean islands this festive season, don’t miss Bhante Buddharakkhita. Bhante has been invited by the Theravada Buddhist Association of Jamaica leaving Uganda on the December 17 until December 29, 2017.

Upon his visit, Bhante is expected to give Dhamma talks on “Finding Peace and Happiness through Practicing Mindfulness and Insight (Vipassana) Meditation” and conduct a session which will include open question and answers at The Liguanea Club, in Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston.

Bhante is also expected to appear on televisions; CVM at 06:30am and TVJ at 03:00pm on December 19, while on December 21, 2017 Bhante will give a talk on 93fm at 08:00am.

For further details you may require, please contact the organizers by the contacts given in the image attached.