Beautiful Honeycombs Installed at the Temple

Over the last few years, we have been experiencing a large volume of soil erosion around the temple. The most affected areas are the walls of the raised grounds especially near the gate and the right-front part of the temple.

At the beginning of April, we embarked on compacting the soil and retaining the two walls with honeycombs (specially designed, interweaving blocks) to prevent erosion and stabilize the steep-sloped edges. The honeycombs are brawny enough to support the weight of the soil behind them. The front area of the temple is curvy which output a very beautiful look while the other wall is straight making a very beautiful curb appealing. The area near the gate has been completed and that in front of the temple (car parking area) is halfway complete.

The walls now look beautiful and decorative already, but we plan to plant flowers in the honeycombs which will make the whole work look not only decorative but very magnificent.

This work was made possible with the donations of Ms. Thet Thet Mon from Canada and many other individual supporters. Our next work is to pave the whole uncovered areas around the temple, and we are appealing to every one of you for your kind support. Collective efforts, collective success.