Appeal for Support

We would like to thank you for the achievements we have been able to make with you in the past years. You have given a lot of support through your generous donations and prayers. A lot of work and support however are still needed in our efforts to bring Dhamma to Africa in its pure form. I see hope and light ahead of us in this attempt.

Over the years, we have been able to sustain the tmple activities through the generous donations of many individuals such as Dr. Binh and family, Henry Bcley, David Stevens, Thed Lu, Muya Lu, Hiran Herat, and many others. Our challenge at the moment is that we have 5 additional temporary novice monks who are in their school holidays and we need additional upkeep to maintain them.

Also, the wooden ceiling of the temple has started rotting due to numerous leakages from iron sheets. Our wish is to refurbish the entire roof and take off all the iron sheets to install new ones. The renovation is estimated to cost US dollars 5,000 and we hope that together with you, we will be able to make it possible.

Also, our critical challenge is lack of accommodation. We don’t have enough accommodation at the temple, and this has hindered our activities such as ordaining more monks at the temple. We need to build accommodation for the Abbot, resident monks, nuns and also volunteers. On Sunday 6th, we are ordaining 5 novice monks, but accommodation is a challenge. They will have to stay in one room. We also cannot run meditation retreats cost effectively due to the limited accommodation however, if we have enough accommodation rooms, we will be able to organize meditation retreats of about 30 participants , where many people would benefit. Our plan is to build Abbot’s house, and rooms for monks and laities so that the centre is ideal to run fully as a monastery.

In Bulega village and the neighboring communities, most people are unemployed due to lack of skills and low levels of education. We have taken the initiative to train them in hand skills especially hand-crafts. Our major focus group are women and girls, because these are the backbone of our society–and to empower them means a healthy and peaceful society. We train them to make hand-craft shoes, making liquid and bar soap, beads, reusable pads and education on their fundamental human rights. Our challenge however, is the lack of materials used and more skilled personnel. We therefore seek out people who are enthusiastic to help these women obtain very important skills which can transform their lives, that they can use to create their own jobs and increase their household income. in the scope of their activities, we wish to buy land where some of them can grow food, to increase food security and sustainability of the temple and in their own homes. The land we have identified costs US dollars 2,800. And we appeal to anyone of you to help us achieve this goal.

Many children in our community are at risk of dropping out of school due to lack of school fees. We have established a Scholarship Fund and commitment to help our community’s most at-risk children to renew their enthusiasm for education and build their personalities as they walk to be thoughtful, skillful and successful members of our society, just like many of us. As you think about this, close your eyes for a minute and reflect on the change you can bring to the life of these children through your generous contribution—the joy and merits you will continuously get for your generous action.













For donations, please write to us via for our bank details.

May you be well, happy and peaceful!
With much gratitude and Metta,
Uganda Buddhist Centre