A Broken Borehole is Life Threatening

Clean and safe water is always a vital element in our simple village, Bulega. Water in this village is mostly used for domestic purposes. However, many local people are not on the national piped water connection because of the high monthly tariffs. For this, many low income families run short of water by default and the problem is aggravated when the existing boreholes donated by Uganda Buddhist Centre (UBC) breakdown.

A broken borehole is life threatening to the community. Women and children have to walk long distances to collect clean water in jerry cans which they carry on their backs home. At times, they are asked to pay a certain fee f in exchange for access to safe water at the nearby water pumps which are always congested.

The three existing boreholes that UBC donated to Bulega were functioning well until late December 2017 when two of them broke down due to increased activities and pressure from the community. The boreholes were not active for almost a month until UBC stepped in to repair and maintain these two boreholes.

The boreholes have under gone the first phase of maintenance with eight new stainless steel pipes installed in each of the two boreholes to replace the old rusted pipes. The entire phase costed USD 1,200. We hopes to do the second phase of maintenance later in the year once we get the remaining balance of USD 400.

We to thank all our stakeholder who have supported us through times in our attempts to bring safe and clear water to all individuals in Bulega village. We have always been limited with resources but you have been there for us.

We also take this opportunity to request your kind donation to cover the remaining and last phase of maintenance. Information on how to make a donation to UBC is always available on request via info@ugandabuddhistcentre.com.